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What is Yippiepieyay? - Whole Pies, Hand Pies, and Specialty Pies delivered straight to youWhat is Yippie-Pie-Yay? We're not just a clever name. At Yippie-Pie-Yay, we are all about pie. We love it in just about any flavor and any form. Hand pies, mini pies, whole pies - you name it, we've baked it, eaten it, shared it, and sung about it. (Maybe not that last part. We just want to make sure you are paying attention.) While the baking, eating, and singing parts are great, it's the sharing part that really gets us shouting Yippie-Pie-Yay!

An assortment of tasty hand pies
An assortment of tasty hand pies
We are proud to be a Seattle Cottage business and are happy to bring pie delivery to the greater Seattle area. After all, it's where we live, work and play, just like you. We're proud to support our community by purchasing fresh ingredients from Washington farmers and produce stands whenever possible. 

Pie has been a frequent topic of conversation between us for a long time. We met and became friends in the Virgin Islands where we both managed watersports rentals on opposite ends of St. Thomas. Really, "watersports rentals" meant that we sat in beach huts and handed out towels. Every once in a while, someone would rent a kayak and get into trouble which required a harrowing rescue trip in a half-inflated dinghy. But Tuesdays were special. On Tuesdays, there was always a beach party. Beach parties required double staffing so we got to work together. While sipping through a stash of beer, we talked about what we would be doing if we weren't sitting in the Caribbean getting tan (and tipsy). Courtney's mantra never changed... it was always, "I just want to make pies, can't I just make pies?" Linda, being far too undisciplined for baking, still considers herself a pie enthusiast! Those were good times and out of those times Yippie-Pie-Yay was truly born.

Apple Hand PieSo... here we are several years later.  Lazy days at the Elysian beach in St. Thomas hut have been replaced by devout dedication to the State of Texas and its citizenry for Linda, and Courtney has spent several years molding young minds.  All the while, pie was still waiting in the background until... bless you Washington, you passed the Cottage Act! Is it possible that we can really just make delicious pies? Yes we can and yes we will.

All the paperwork has been filed and the menu has been perfected.  The first batches have come out of the oven and let me tell you, they are delicious!

Seattle loves pie
Why Seattle? 
Seattle is surrounded by all this gorgeous water. It's a diverse and vibrant city filled with awesome people. And it's home. While it's true that Linda is still residing in Austin, her boots are making tracks here just as fast as they can cuz, "Texas is hot in the summer y'all - real hot!"

At present, all of our pies are baked in a home kitchen in the eclectic Fremont neighborhood. We don't have a shop or storefront -- YET! -- but are happy to deliver our pies right to you!
The Fremont troll loves pie
Meet our Fremont neighbor. Isn't he cute?
Finally, we want to introduce you to a couple more of our Yippie-Pie-Yay family. The mascots of Yippie-Pie-Yay.

Molly loves pie
Courtney's mutt, Molly!
Our dogs are our biggest fans and frequently volunteer to be official taste testers. Though they are not too handy in the kitchen (lacking opposable thumbs and all) they are awfully cute to look at. Molly is posing on one of the boots of Hat and Boots fame here in Seattle and Izee is vacationing at the beach in Florida.  Just like us, they can be seen around town enjoying the great outdoors, in search of new experiences and great ideas for new pie flavors.  

Izee loves pie
Linda's corgi, Izee!
We are already working on specialty pies for the upcoming season as well as some new, fun creations that we know you'll enjoy!

We can't wait to share our pies with you, so Come 'n Git 'Em (or have them delivered)!



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